Wishing to be at the forefront of new trends, our design office is constantly inspired, imagining and creating new designs that can fit your universe, your desires.


Our historical archives records over two centuries of work,  designs that are constantly coming back to the forefront trends.

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Our creations, which are the result of multiple inspirations, are most often handmade, precisely and very meticulously. 



Our drawings are then scanned and contextualized, cleaned in digital version, a very technical but essential step to obtain a perforated cardboard necessary for our Jacquard mechanical looms. 

Two seasonal clothing collections per year are offered for Haute Couture and Luxury Ready-to-wear. A multitude of choices are available: plain velvet, shaped, dyed or hand painted. Our stylists also work on the development of private collections in collaboration with our clients.



A permanent collection of Blafo Velvet upholster is also available. 

Our designs can be declined in different materials, types of contextualization and in an infinity of colours. Each of our velvets can be adapted to your creative and technical needs. 

Our company relies on values of innovation, creation and excellence to develop its collections. Increasingly prestigious velvets are blending into the collections of the major French and international fashion brands as well as prestigious cultural institutions